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Thaddeus Lawrence

Thaddeus Lawrence is a speaker, trainer, author and founder of Runaway Success Learning Practice. He is best known for successfully completing a total of 1,000 kilometres in a footrace through the hottest, coldest, windiest and driest deserts on earth. His remarkable feat in the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Antarctica has been rated by TIME magazine as one of its Top Ten Endurance Competitions in the world.

He embarked on his adventures in a spirit of self-discovery and experienced first-hand how an indomitable spirit is an essential bedrock to an extraordinary level of physical strength and mental fitness. He has used his endeavours to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable organisations with an emphasis on children and education.

"A spirit of curiosity is, without question, a gift' - Thaddeus Lawrence

Thaddeus documented his soul-inspiring experience in Runaway Success: Life Lessons from Ultra Endurance Racing. He takes readers on a gripping journey through the hazards and rewards of ultra endurance racing and applies lessons learnt from the race world to the real world of daily life.

With his accomplishments, Thaddeus' media appearances were in high demand and after appearing on Channel NewsAsia Primetime Morning to share his insights, Thaddeus presented 938LIVE's Positive Business Minutes segment. He is a regular on the news and talk station's airwaves and has been featured numerous times in newspapers and magazines including The Straits Times, TODAY, The New Paper, Action Asia and Men's Health.

Thaddeus Lawrence sits on the Executive Committee of the Association of Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS). As an inspirational speaker, he moves audiences with his captivating storytelling. Thaddeus embodies the spirit of ordinary people living extraordinary lives and, with a personal mission of inspiring passion and purpose, believes that by being our best selves, no dream is too small or too big to pursue.

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